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Remedial Therapy

What is Remedial Therapy

Remedial therapy is a hands on treatment where various massage techniques are utilised to restore your bodies function, revitalise your energy and enables you to feel and move better.

During your appointment, a brief history of your current issue/physical history will be taken, followed by an assessment of your physical condition, and then an appropriate hands on treatment. Each therapist will have their own areas of expertise and personal flare on how they like to conduct treatments. We encourage you to communicate your expectations so we can better help you reach your physical goals.

Massage Therapy  Vs. Remedial Therapy

Remedial Massage is generally different to what you might experience from a massage therapist at a day spa or shopping centre. Massage therapy utilises soft, gentle and fluid strokes in a uniform sequence over your whole body. Whilst this may feel nice and can help put you to sleep, it actually has very little physiological benefit, other than stimulating blood flow and even increasing lymphatic movement (which are still big positives!).

Remedial Therapists not only help you increase your blood and lymphatic circulation, but also have an excellent understanding of muscles and biomechanical concepts, due to their diploma level education. This makes them brilliant at targeting more specific aches and pains.

Is it painful?

Whilst a general massage is soft and relaxing, remedial treatment can go from being light and gentle to deep and firm, which can be painful depending on your personal tolerance and the quality of the muscles being worked on. But don’t stress. We are not trying to break you. Everything is done within your tolerance and preferences. Clear and open communication is maintained at all times, and we only work within your desires.

Concepts you may have heard:

  • Deep tissue
  • Lymphedema
  • Sports massage
  • Relaxation massage
  • Trigger point therapy/ release
  • Cupping Therapy

If you have heard any of the above terms before and are wondering if a remedial therapist can help, then the answer is YES. If you are unsure about any of these terms, or would like to enquire about a condition that is not listed, please don’t hesitate to contact us.